Wind power plants

Our special expertise includes turnkey deliveries of wind farms. If necessary, we can also deliver substations and transformer substations. If the wind conditions so require, we can deliver hybrid bases up to the height of 40 metres. 


KSBR is working on the Karstula wind farm infrastructure for OX2

KSBR is working on the Karstula wind farm infrastructure for OX2

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne’s (KSBR) strong input in the construction of Finnish wind power infrastructure continues. The company is now starting the construction of the wind farm infrastructure at Korkeakangas in Karstula, which will comprise nine wind turbines once commissioned at the end of 2021.

– We plan to start the work already in January. We shall carry out the work on a turnkey basis, and it shall cover all infrastructure except for the installation of the turbines and connection to the grid, explains Teemu Kemppe, KSBR’s Project Manager responsible for the construction work.

 OX2 is the developer of the wind farm project and its EPC-supplier. The purchaser of the farm is, Aquila Capital, a leading European manager of alternative investments. The project in question is a market-based project for which no subsidies shall be used. The annual production of the farm will be approximately 140 Gwh, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of about 28,000 households.

OX2 appointed KSBR as its partner on the basis of good prior cooperation, and Karstula’s Korkeakangas is the third consecutive project which KSBR shall implement for OX2.

– We are very happy to strengthen the relationship between OX2 and KSBR with this project says Nicola Steinle, Procurement Manager at OX2.

The total capacity of the wind power projects being constructed for OX2 in the Nordic countries is more than 1,000 megawattsAround a fifth, i.e. 211 megawatts, of these projects are located in Finland, and the power of the nine turbines at Korkeakangas totals approximately 43 megawatts.

Director of wind power construction at KSBR, Juha Tuominen, highlights that it is important for KSBR to be involved in enabling the use of clean, renewable energy. He also emphasises that customer accounts, such as OX2, are very important to the company.

– We previously were constructing the infrastructure at Ponsivuori wind farm for OX2 in Kurikka, which was completed in the autumn of 2019, Tuominen says.

KSBR’s project in Korkeakangas is due to be completed in the spring of 2021. The approximately 230-metre-high turbines shall be delivered by Nordex and the connection to the electricity grid shall be provided by Fingrid. 

KSBR’s project at Hedet wind farm in Närpiö is at the stage of delivery. In addition, work has been initiated at Piiparinmäki wind farm in Kainuu, where the client is the Finnish wind power company Energy Oy, and the project involves Finland’s biggest wind farm ever. Google purchases more than half of the electricity it produces, and the electricity produced by Hedet wind farm.


Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy to build the Piiparinmäki wind farm

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy (later also referred as KSBR) is starting the construction of Finland’s largest wind energy farm in Kainuu. The project owner is the Finnish clean wind energy provider Ilmatar Energy Oy.

The Piiparinmäki wind farm will be built in Kainuu without any government subsidies. No subsidies will be paid for the actual power generation either, meaning that this project is fully based on electricity market price. The construction begins in October 2019.

Electricity generation there will begin as early as in 2020. KSBR is responsible for the project that contains the infrastructure for wind farm consisting of roads, hardstands, turbine foundations and electrical cabling with necessary design of the works.

– This is a significant project and an important further step forward from our earlier wind power construction projects, reinforcing our market share in wind power construction. Ilmatar Energy is a wind energy pioneer, and we are excited to continue our partnership with them. Previously, we have built the Luhanka and Varkaus wind farms for Ilmatar, says KSBR CEO Tuomas Skantz.

According to Skantz, this is also a nationally and even internationally important project, providing clean energy in a cost-effective way.

The wind farm will also create hundreds of jobs during its construction.

– Piiparinmäki is the third wind farm where KSBR has been selected as the infrastructure provider. Our good experiences with the earlier projects, KSBR’s continuous development efforts, and the latest instruments they use for example to monitor the progress of projects made it easy to choose them as our supplier, says Ilmatar founder and Director Mikko Toivanen, who is responsible for construction projects.

Technology enterprise Google and Ilmatar Energy have agreed that Google will buy approximately 60 percent of the power generated by the wind farm. This agreement is part of Google’s largest ever investment project into renewable energy, announced in September.

The Piiparinmäki wind farm will be built in Kainuu, in the region between Pyhäntä and Kajaani. The project consists of 50 turbines, of which 41 are currently ready for building. The farm will generate green electricity for the Finnish grid at a nominal power of 211 MW.

KSBR has been one of the leading wind farm turnkey suppliers in the recent years, thanks to the expertise and reliability. KSBR’s ability to adapt to changing worksite conditions is in a class of its own.

– We are currently building a wind farm for OX2 in Ponsivuori of Kurikka and the Hedet farm for Nordex Group in Närpes. Both farms are scheduled for completion during this year, and Google will buy all of the power generated by Hedet, says Wind Power and Industrial Construction Director Juha Tuominen from KSBR.



KSBR Oy Balance of Plant supply to Närpes Hedet wind farm for Nordex EPC delivery – Google buys the electricity

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy (later KSBR) is responsible for all the Balance of Plant works in Närpiö Hedet wind farm as an EPC-supply. Hedet is one of Finland latest market-based windfarms and one of those three Finnish parks from which the American tech giant Google will buy renewable electricity.

Whole windfarm will be delivered as an EPC supply by turbine manufacturer Nordex Group to the two owners and investors Neoen and Prokon. Nordex who was seeking for strategic partner to Scandinavian market selected KSBR for wind farm BoP delivery including roads, platforms, medium and high voltage cabling, substations and main transformers turn key delivery.
”This turnkey supply is including all but setting up the turbines, and is showing KSBR capability and competitivity in the EPC market. The wind power construction is changing into bigger market-based projects which gives an overall responsibility to one supplier”, says Juha Tuominen, director of industrial and wind power construction in KSBR.
The village of Övermark in Närpesis going to get a wind farm of 18 turbines producing a total of 81 MW. Preparations are already ongoing and the building has been started in November.
”This is our biggest single wind power project so far. It is great that KSBR is quoted as a competitive constructor on very demanding Customer ”, says project manager Teemu Kemppe from KSBR. He responds of the building of Hedet wind farm.

The project is 80% owned by Neoen, France’s leading independent producer of renewable energy, and one of the fastest-growing worldwide,and project developer Prokon (20%). The produced subsidy-free electricity production from this wind farm is sold to Google when wind farm starts the operation in the beginning of 2020.

KSBR made recently also a contract of an EPC-supply concerning the Ponsivuori wind farm located at Kurikka. KSBR has become one of the leading partners for wind farms civil and electrical turn key supplies.

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy participates to build subsidy-free wind power

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy participates to build subsidy-free wind power

Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy (later KSBR) has signed a significant turn-key delivery contract with OX2 to supply the civil and electrical balance of plant of Ponsivuori windfarm located in Kurikka Finland.

“We are responsible for design and supply of roads, hardstands, foundations, wind farm cabling and substations. After this only the turbines need to be installed and connected to the grid”, says Juha Tuominen, director of industrial and wind power construction in KSBR.

OX2 is a significant wind power developer and service provider in in Northern-Europe.

“We are delighted to co-operate with OX2 again. Last year we built the infrastructure for OX2 Ykspihlaja wind farm located in Kokkola Finland. End of 2017 the 4 pcs wind turbines started operation and estimated annual production is 55 GWh”, says KSBR project manager Teemu Kemppe who will be also in charge of Ponsivuori construction.

Recent years, KSBR has become one of the leading partners for wind farms civil and electrical turn key supplies. Also company’s outstanding capability to react rapidly to sudden changes during the project execution has been highly valuated by the Customers.

In Ponsivuori company will construct windfarm infrastructure for 7 wind turbines with total electrical capacity of 30 MW.

“We have a pleasure to participate in a subsidy-free wind farm construction. Same time we are enabling to reach the targets in renewable energy production and climate protection”, Tuominen notifies.

“The projects must be very cost competitive so that emission free electricity price meets with the markets requirements”, says Tuominen.

KSBR will start the Ponsivuori windfarm works in November 2018.