Wind power plants

KSBR has emerged as the wind park BoP construction leader in Finland.

Our special expertise includes turnkey deliveries of wind farms. If necessary, we can also deliver substations and transformer substations.

Currently, KSBR is building the infrastructure of nine different wind farms in different parts of Finland.

Infrastructure finishing works are ongoing at Korkeakangas in Karstula and Välikangas wind farm in Haapajärvi.

In addition, we will implement the infrastructure of the Mastokangas wind farm located in the municipalities of Raahe and Siikajoki for the German wind turbine supplier Nordex Group.

In the beginning of November 2020, we started working in Sievi and Pihtipudas wind farms.

In the beginning of 2021, KSBR’s work started at Tavastia Proper’s Voimamylly wind farm and in Kurikka’s Rasakangas.

Our two newest wind farm projects are in Kokkoneva, Kestilä and in Alajärvi. The project in Alajärvi consists of two different parks: 13 power plants in Möksy and 23 power plants in Louhukangas. When completed, the complex will be one of the largest wind farms in Europe.

In addition, we will carry out finishing work at Finland’s largest wind farm in Piiparinmäki, Kainuu, in autumn 2021.


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