KSBR and Ilmatar launching a new large-scale project in Alajärvi


The 36-turbine wind farm rising to Alajärvi in ​​South Ostrobothnia is already the sixth joint project of Ilmatar Energy Oy and Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy (KSBR). The project consists of two different parks: 13 power plants in Möksy and 23 power plants in Louhukangas. When completed, the complex will be one of the largest wind farms in Europe.

The design phase of the parks is about to begin, and KSBR will start its infrastructure construction work with deforestation in September. The contract includes the construction of roads and power plant foundations as well as cabling works. KSBR’s work in the area will be completed in the autumn next year and the project is expected to start generating power during 2023.

“Soil is a particular challenge in the area, as the park rises to the former peat production area. Coordinating design guidance and civil engineering work is crucial”, says Janne Ikonen, KSBR’s project manager.

Result of development work for larger projects

KSBR’s work is currently nearing completion in three projects for Ilmatar: Finland’s largest-ever 41-turbine wind farm in Kainuu Piiparinmäki, Voimamylly park in Kanta-Häme and Rasakangas park in Kurikka. Previously, wind farms have been completed in both Luhanka and Varkaus.

Juha Tuominen, KSBR’s director responsible for wind power construction, is pleased with the ongoing cooperation with Ilmatar and says that it is the result of long-term work.

“In recent years, we have developed our operations to be able to meet the requirements of our long-term customers in even larger projects. This is how we have grown with the market”, Tuominen says.

The acquisition of the ground works company Takanen MR Oy by KSBR is proceeding as planned and will further improve the company’s competitiveness in infrastructure projects. KSBR also partially owns the other major subcontractors, Infratiera Oy, which specializes in electrical construction, and the concrete supplier Betoniteam Oy.

Convincing evidence of large-scale projects

When completed, the annual production of the Alajärvi wind farms will correspond to the annual consumption of approximately 300,000 apartment blocks and almost one percent of Finland’s current electricity production. The parks have long-term power purchase agreements with large companies.

Niklas Löf, Ilmatar Energy Oy’s project manager, says that Ilmatar has developed Alajärvi park since the beginning and will remain its owner throughout its life cycle, which is exceptional in Finland. Long-term commitment, he states, is in the interests of all parties.

“We are very pleased to be able to continue good and long-term cooperation with KSBR now in Alajärvi. Work on previous projects has gone well and they have taken the customer’s needs well into account. KSBR also has convincing evidence of the implementation of wind farm projects of this size”, Löf states.


Photo: Ilmatar

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