Collaboration between Ilmatar and KSBR continues with two new projects


Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy will build the inftrastructure for two new wind farms for the wind power company Ilmatar. One of the wind farms will be situated in the area of Humppila and Urjala in Kanta-Häme, and the other one in Kurikka in South Ostrobothnia.

KSBR’s work at Kanta-Häme’s Voimamylly wind farm and in Kurikka’s Rasakangas will begin in January-February. The project consists of both wind farms’ infra construction including ground works, foundations and cabling as a so-called turnkey delivery.

Therefore, KSBR is responsible for the design of the farms, the construction of the road and platform areas as well as the delivery of the foundations and cabling as a turnkey contract. Voimamylly is a 6-turbine and Rasakangas an 8-turbine wind farm.

– Our work will start with the repairing of the roads and the removal of the trees. Later on in the spring, we will build the wind turbines’ platforms and foundations, states Janne Ikonen, Project Manager at KSBR’s sites.

The fourth joint project with Ilmatar Energy

The project’s client Ilmatar Energy Oy, a Finnish wind power company, has previously collaborated with KSBR with three wind farm projects. During their most recent project, KSBR made Ilmatar Oy’s infrastructure for Finland’s all-time largest wind farm in Piiparinmäki in Kainuu.

– We have only had good collaboration experiences. KSBR is a flexible operator, with which communication works well and considers customers’ needs, states Petter Sund, Project Manager at Ilmatar Energy Oy.

Juha Tuominen, Director responsible for wind power construction at KSBR, is satisfied with the continued cooperation. Two new projects strengthen the company’s position as a Finnish market leader in constructing wind power infrastructure.

– Ilmatar Energy Oy is a pioneer in wind power production, with which cooperation is effortless and efficient. In addition to Piiparinmäki, we have built wind farms for Ilmatar in Luhanka and Varkaus, says Tuominen.

Seven wind farms under construction across the country

The Danish company Vestas shall deliver state-of-the-art wind turbines for both of the new wind farms.

Upon completion, Voimamylly will generate energy for the Finnish electricity grid at a nominal rate of 25.8 MW and Rasakangas at a nominal rate of 48 MW. Ilmatar sells the wind power generated by the wind farms to its consumer and corporate customers.

KSBR is currently involved in developing the infrastructure for a total of seven wind farms around Finland. In addition to Voimamylly and Rasakangas, other sites are Korkeakangas in Karstula, Välikangas wind farm in Haapajärvi, Mastokangas in the area of Raahe and Siikajoki and Pihtipudas Ilosjoki and Sievi’s Jakostenkallio wind farms.

Photo: Ilmatar Energy Oy
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