KSBR to build another wind farm in Närpiö – carbon neutral concrete in use


Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy (KSBR) is building the Björkliden wind farm in Närpiö for the French company Neoen. Renewable energy is built in a climate-friendly manner, as the infrastructure of the seven-turbine wind farm is created from carbon dioxide-compensated concrete.

80 percent of the project is owned by Neoen, which is France’s leading and one of the world’s fastest growing independent renewable energy producers, and 20 percent by project developer Prokon.

KSBR has previously built the Hedet wind farm in Närpiö, which has 18 wind turbines. KSBR’s scope of supply at the Hedet wind farm included the entire infrastructure of the wind farm, excluding only the wind turbines. The new seven wind turbine Björkliden wind farm will be built right next to Hedet with almost identical scope of supply.

Just like in Hedet, also in Björkliden, KSBR’s scope of supply includes the entire infrastructure of the wind farm.

“We are responsible for the engineering, procurement and construction of the wind farm’s entire infrastructure as a turnkey delivery. Our scope of supply includes the wind farm substation, wind farm external 110 kV underground transmission cable, and wind farm internal medium voltage and telecommunications network. In addition, we will build roads, lifting areas and foundations and take care of tree removal works in the area”, says KSBR project manager Teemu Kemppe.

Special attention to the wind farm’s carbon footprint

Special attention has been paid to the carbon footprint left by the construction works, as all the concrete used in Björkliden is carbon neutral.

“This means that the carbon dioxide emissions caused by the concrete used in concreting works are compensated with an amount of emission reductions corresponding to the carbon footprint of the concrete. Reductions can be, for example, afforestation projects”, says Kemppe.

Design for the Björkliden wind farm is underway, and works will begin during July with tree removal works. The builder of the wind farm, the French renewable energy producer Neoen, has purchased the supply of 5.9 MW wind turbines from Nordex.

“Björkliden wind farm will be Neoen’s third wind farm in Finland and represents an important step in our strategy for the Nordics. We are pleased to continue our collaboration with the same contractors that delivered Hedet wind farm to us”, says project manager Petter Sund from Neoen.

“KSBR is a trustworthy partner that offers reliable Balance of Plant works as an EPC-supply, as Neoen has noticed”, says Juha Tuominen, director of the Industry and Wind Power Division from KSBR.

KSBR is the market leader in the total supply of wind farm BoP infrastructure works in Finland. At the moment, we have under construction infrastructure of several different wind farms around the country.

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