Finland’s largest wind power project in Lestijärvi

The schedule keeps even though the global situation brings challenges


Problems with the availability of materials and components caused by the global situation have not delayed the work at the Lestijärvi wind farm site. They are progressing as planned, and the increase in construction equipment and machinery and the number of employees will increase the buzz on the site.

KSBR’s work is progressing on schedule at Finland’s largest wind farm site, although EU sanctions and rising prices have brought additional challenges to the project. Indeed, change management has become a central part of daily work in recent weeks.

Two of the three areas of the wind farm are now off to a good start: trees have been removed from Kosolankangas and the first quarries have been mined. The removal of surface land from the power plants is underway, and crushing work will begin during these times.

”Park cabling will begin in late May and the foundations will be laid in early June. The construction of substations is also about to begin”, says Petteri Mäkelä, KSBR’s project manager.

Foundation work on the poles of the 400 kV transmission line is underway and about half of the foundations have been completed.

At the same time, infrastructure and geodesign work in the Hittisenneva area is progressing. Next up is the design of the third part of the wind farm, Iso Korteneva.

KSBR’s total delivery includes infrastructure and electrical design for 69 wind farms, wind farm roads, lifting areas, wind turbine foundations, the park’s medium voltage and telecommunications network, as well as three 110 kV substations and one 400 kV station for grid network connection.

The wind farm will be built by OX2, Europe’s leading onshore wind power builder. The park is owned by a consortium of Finnish energy companies, which includes Kymppivoima, Oulun Energia and Kuopion Energia. KSBR is the market leader in wind power infrastructure construction in Finland, and OX2 is our long-term customer.

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