Finland’s largest wind power project in Lestijärvi

Earthworks for the Lestijärvi wind farm began


The site of Finland’s largest wind farm in Lestijärvi has begun to take place: trees are currently being removed from the area of the future park. At the same time, KSBR is preparing the next stages of construction and construction of the park’s infrastructure.

The future wind farm in Lestijärvi comprises 69 wind farms and three park areas: the Kosolankangas, Hittisenneva and Iso Korteneva areas. First, deforestation has begun in Kosolankangas. A local contractor from KSBR will handle the removal of the trees and deliver the trees for further processing.

After that, earthworks will begin on the site. Soil preparation is being prepared for Kosolankangas for the construction of roads and power plants in the area.

At the same time, KSBR is working closely on wind farm design work, both for substations and for infrastructure and geo-design. There is also enough to coordinate in procurement and the customer interface.

Total delivery with a turnkey model

KSBR’s total delivery includes infrastructure and electrical design, wind farm roads, lifting areas, wind turbine foundations, the park’s medium voltage and telecommunications network, as well as three 110 kV substations and one 400 kV station for wind farm network connection.

In addition to 69 wind farms, three substations will be built at the wind farm rising in Lestijärvi, Central Ostrobothnia. Their combined total capacity is 455 MW, and the park produces more than 1.3 TWh of energy annually. The amount corresponds to about two percent of Finland’s total electricity production in 2020.

The wind farm will be built by Europe’s leading onshore wind power builder, the Nordic renewable energy company OX2, together with three Finnish energy companies. KSBR is the market leader in wind power infrastructure construction in Finland, and OX2 is our long-term customer.


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